Food to Market Challenge

Role: creative direction, web design, brand development, illustrations, animation direction
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Project Overview

A challenge to boost Chicago's supply of local, sustainable food. Pretty straight forward, right? Well, the only way this was going to work was by have different experts involved. In this case a Producer and a Provider. Each one operating out of their context (urban and rural). My job was to represent both in this project with the end goal of bridging both sides.

The Map

The concept of the project was to bring producers and providers together to work in teams... a urban meets rural scenario. So to visualize that I created a map that loosely represented Chicago and it's surrounding farmland. With the map we could "travel" from urban to rural by navigating to different pages. We dedicated different quadrants to different pages; so the map layout was a nine square grid.

Site Animation

Once we had the map working with the different page quadrants assigned, it all came together.