Developing a New Brand

Role: branding development, web design
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Project Overview

Honeydew Goods is a new brand that provides eco-friendly products for the busy family so they can impact the planet for good without changing their habits. The purpose behind the brand is to raise awareness around sustainable products and habits that we can use in our everyday life.

Developing the Brand

The client had a pretty good idea of the direction they wanted to go in. But we still started with a moodboard to make sure we were on the same page.

The colors were key with this project. If we didn't get them right, the brand wouldn't have visual legs to stand on.

The shapes were important too. They couldn't be perfect since the idea behind the brand is for families to live sustainably. So the brand had to represent a small bit of day to day chaos.

Client Testimonial

We had the pleasure of working with Naph on developing our brand identity and social media collateral, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Naph's exceptional creativity, attention to detail, and understanding of our brand's vision allowed them to create a visually compelling and cohesive design that resonates with our audience. The brand identity and social media collateral developed by Naph have garnered consistent compliments, elevating our brand presence and establishing a strong connection with our target audience. We are incredibly proud of our brand and grateful for Naph’s professionalism throughout the process.

Alyssa Marshall, Founder
Honeydew Goods


The next step was infusing the brand on to Honeydew Good's products.

Online Presence

Honeydew Goods needed to develop a presence on social media, a website and most importantly, it all had to translate well into the Amazon world.

Social Media

We developed a series of post categories and designed templates for each category so the client could easily update their posts and still make it look custom.